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Guy Windsor

Guy Windsor

Helsinki, Finland · 32 items

Fabris's Sienza e Pratica d'Arme, 1606

I bought this copy of Salvatore Fabris’s Sienza e Pratica d’Arme, printed in 1606, from Sr. Roberto Gotti, of Brescia, in 2014. It is in incredibly good condition, and an excellent, clean print. It is still in its original binding.

The book was photographed by Petteri Kihlberg in December 2015. These images are released free and with no strings attached. If you choose to use them for some commercial purpose (such as printing an edition for sale), then I ask as a matter of courtesy that you give credit where it’s due, but I do not insist on it.

It has taken a lot of money and a lot of my time to produce these, so if you would like to show your appreciation by paying something for them, I would appreciate it.

I have also released the raw files, which are about four times bigger, and more than adequate for any printing purpose.

I own this book, but the information it contains is part of your birthright as a human being. I hope you will enjoy it, share it, and make something beautiful with it.

The combined PDFs (large and small) were created by Phil Mac Fadden, and sent to me to add to this site. I hope you find them useful. Thanks Phil!

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