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Guy Windsor

Guy Windsor

Helsinki, Finland · 32 items

19th Century Sources in English

These books belong to you. You can have them for free and without obligation of any kind. If you think my sharing them is a good thing to do, feel free to show your appreciation by paying something for it, or by buying one of my other books. Thanks!

Recreating historical swordsmanship systems from their sources is very difficult for most people. If you find it so, don’t worry, I’m here to help. I have created an online course to help you acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to create a useful training syllabus from the historical source you’re most interested in.

You can find the course here:

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The following books are included in this collection:

Egerton Castle, Schools and Masters of Fence, 1885

Thomas Stephens, A New System of Broad and Small Sword Exercise, 1844

Giuseppe Riboni, Broadsword Fencing and Stick or Quarterstaff Play, 1862

Alfred Hutton, Cold Steel, 1889

Alfred Hutton, The Swordsman, 1891

Badminton Library, Fencing, Boxing and Wrestling, 1889

Louis Rondelle, Foil and Sabre, 1892

A.J. Corbesier, Principles of Squad Instruction for the Broadsword, 1872

T.A.D. Riding, Driving Fencing for Young People, 1898

Joseph Roland, The Amateur of Fencing, 1809

Richard Burton, The Book of the Sword, 1884

H.R.Hershberger, The Horseman, 1844

George Heintz Sr., Theory of Fencing with the Foil, 1890

Bibliography: Works on horsemanship and swordsmanship in the library of F.H. Huth, 1890

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